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    the end of my mfd

    i tried resetting the mfd..unpluging for 2 days.....nothing happen....i guess its over....

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    You checked for ground to the unit as well correct? If you have power and ground and the unit doesn't light up, you're done.

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    yeah im tired.......yesterday the skii just run for a few minutes in the beach and after i stop and start again it won't, don't have spark ...i dont know....i tow and left it for 3 hours....and it run... again...and the second didn't ....i have a problem starting it in the water....what could be the problem??? stator is wet????

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    Andy, check your stator values when the engine is hot and see if you have a failure when the engine warms up.

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    thnx craft...ill check my stator ...

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