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    After 3.5 years I FINALLY got to rebuild/redesign my original “Mani-Cooler”…

    My original one was a great unit, it hit hard down low and had great pull…to a point. The design of the “top hat”, which is the transition from the IC core to the head, was not designed properly. This caused a performance loss, therefore, I removed it and forgot about it…

    Fast forward to the 1st of this year, after mentally redesigning it a few times and comparing them to a few photos that pop up every once in a while, I came up with new design…But I had a few features that this new unit was to have before I even thought about building it again…It had to have an easily Removable Core.

    All the units I have seen had everything welded together. And as always, some of them sprung leaks. This meant that the entire unit had to be cut up and rewelded. This posed a concern because when welded Aluminum gets hot, and the longer it is exposed to heat, the more it can get turned around and warp. So when you reinstall it, you find you have an issue with fitment. The flange could be warped, or the bolt holes don’t line up anymore, etc…

    So with a little design, and access to a waterjet, I was able to get all my needed parts cut out. Best part about this is that I can make repeatable units, with only a few hand formed parts…With metal and gaskets cut, I pieced a few prototypes together until I had a working unit.

    This setup, from idle to cruise to WOT, SMOOTH AS SILK…The more volume of air you gave it, the more it came to life. AFR’s were perfect, throttle response is quicker.

    One thing I can say is that this setup, I can swap out IC cores very easily. The large XS style is pretty much the largest anyone runs, so I designed the setup around that. If I need to replace the core because of a water leak, or opt for a smaller core, or a different brand, etc…I just attach a new flange, weld it up, and swap it out…SIMPLE.

    Some side notes…
    - You can run this setup and still retain your OEM exhaust and resonator setup…Or you now have full access to your HX setup…
    - You have full access to the oil pressure sensor and crank lock opening without having to remove anything…
    - Plumbing is simple, access to water fittings and clamps is easy…
    - Gaskets are high temp silicone, same as what the OEM O-rings are made from...and they are reusable.

    The only draw backs…
    - You have to run a rear air setup. There is NO ROOM for a kanaflex hose to get around the bottom of the IC endcap…
    - TB has to be mounted upside down, so the throttle cable has to be run down below…
    - TIME CONSUMING to make, about 20 hours into just this unit alone. But the more I make the less time it will take.

    What ya think?

    Here are some pics of the assemble and installation...
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	01_001.JPG 
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Name:	01_005.JPG 
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Name:	01_004.JPG 
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Name:	01_003.JPG 
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Name:	01_002.JPG 
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Name:	01_007.JPG 
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Name:	01_006.JPG 
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Name:	01_008.JPG 
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Name:	01_009.JPG 
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    More pics...

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	02_001.JPG 
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Name:	02_003.JPG 
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Name:	02_002.JPG 
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Name:	02_004.JPG 
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Name:	02_005.JPG 
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Name:	02_006.jpg 
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Name:	02_007.JPG 
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Name:	02_008.JPG 
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ID:	252839

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    Looks really good man, great job!

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    Excellent job Danny!
    I like the mani-cooler so much.It gives me the idea of a stronger set up rather than the plastic one.The next think that surprises me is the removable core,excellent mod when a core get damaged!
    Keep up the good work on ski parts!

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    Looks awesome Danny!!

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    Looks great!!!! Whats the approximate cost going to be??

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    Looks sweet! very well thought out and put together. Glad it performs the way it should and looks, very nice piece

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    holy shit wow never thought of that, impressive setup, I'm amazed. You guys from the states do some reall crazy things lol what's the gain of this compare to the XS intercooler? I have two if it's good I'm selling both to get that lol. please Keep us inform.

    Need the best for my ski for my 2012 competition

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    Very nice. Will it fit into a conversion ski?

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    Danny , I may need to do some turbo testing....

    U have a spot for the ECU mount yet?

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