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Thread: No spark?

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    No spark?

    My buddy has two 1994 Seadoo GTX 650s. One runs great and the other he can't get spark out of. He switched everything electrical between the two skis and tested both. The ski that originally didn't get spark still didn't get spark, and the originally running ski still started and ran fine after switching all the electrical guts.

    I am thinking something to do with the magneto/flywheel assembly. Are there any adjustments that are critical. I doubt its a timing problem b/c there would still be a spark, but it just wouldn't start/run right.

    He did not previously have it running. He bought it with the other one as a package. At the time it just seemed he needed a new flywheel cause the other one was missing or broken or something.

    Any suggestions?


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    I'm taking a Quess, sounds like the stator broke

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    What do you mean by the stator broke? Like some wiring went up or just it in general decided to quit putting out a current?

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