Finally got to test the GPR today after all the mods. Installed holeshot kit, Lowell milled OEM head (150 psi), 14/20 DF, 3 degree keyway, tunnel reinforcement, ppk, d-plate, driveshaft hose, Riva EFI and R&D FF plate set at ~0.903. So took the ski out, ran it on the trailer in the water to check at what rpm the Jetworks value was openning. Also checked for any leaks..found none so I hit the water. Temp was 88, humidity 25%, wind west at 10mph, barometer 29.98. Elevation around 1000ft. Found both glass and slight chop. Unfortunately no gps today. All I can say is wow. Holeshot was very impressive, mid-range felt much improved and top-speed (Yes I know the dream-o-meter is what it is as it used to hit 6 hit 82 on the speedo which I know is not even close but it was definitely faster. Rpm's were bouncing between 7140 and 7180. My friend was out on his Ultra 150 and I used to gradually pull away from him but today holeshot was not even close and i was easily walking away from him. Unfortunately, looks like cool weather is going to moving in so I doubt I make back on the water this year so tuning will have to wait. I did notice some hesitation or slight bog around 4000 - 5000 r's. Not sure what that is being caused by. Currently running the EFI at 5517. Did notice some bouncing in the 40 - 50 mph range and at ~20 mph the rear of the ski was swaying bad. I haven't shimmed the tabs yet. Anyway I want to thank everyone that I acquired parts from and/or advice. I really found almost everything I needed question- wise on this site. Thanks Greenhulk!