After running lean two times, replacing all pistons, rebuilding carbs (2 times) and replacing reeds, it ran the worst today then it did before I blew the PTO piston. What do I check next?

Today it started and run sluggest at first, I did not push it because I just replaced the PTO piston, so I was doing the breakin and watching things. It started to get back to normal but this only lasted about 5 min. I could feel somthing was wrong so I took it to shore and pulled the plugs, What I found is the center cly is firing great, piston wash is good. Mag cyl/plug, oil/gas soaked and looks as if running very rich (note two weeks ago when I blew the PTO piston due to air leak on Cyl gasket, the wash on the MAG piston was great). PTO cyl/plug, oil/gas soaked looks like running rich. I could tell that at times it was only running on one cyl. (CTN) I tried to adjust the lows and it started to get worse so I put the ski on the trailer (in the water) started it and confirmed I was ony running on the Center Cly by pulling the plug wires one at a time.

When I got back to the workshop I checked the fillowing

cyl comp.
Mag = 130, CTN=145, PTO=130

Spark on all three looked good (using a spark checker)

By the time I started checking the ski (6 hrs had passed) it was hitting on all cyl(ON THE HOSE) but still MAG and PTO were oil/gas soaked

This is a list of what I have done this season

Replaced FA with OP. FA (this was the cause of my first lean condition and I blew the Mag Cyl)
Replaced high carb jets with 102.5 jets during fitst carb rebuild in july
Replaced all pistons, rings ect...
honed cyl
running BRP8ES plugs
replaced reeds with Boyesen Power reeds (today was the first time out with new reeds)
Replaced all fuel hoses (used blue clear on lines going to carbs so I can watch the fuel flow)
Replaced all top end gaskets

Replaced fuel pump 5 years ago with three outlet pump

I have checked and re checked torque on everthing, as I was rebuilding the top end for the 2nd time this year.

What do I need to check this time. - The Only thing I have not done during the rebuilds is check the POP OFF because I do not have the right tool.

Could the pop off in the carbs cause the issue I am having now? if so I wiil get the tool.

Could I have messed up my timing?
When I blew the PTO piston (two weeks ago) I was in the middle of a large lake by myself and nobody would stop and give me a tow, so i had to limp into shore on two two cyl (45 min). could I hAve done some other damage?

Please help - I do not want to give up on my baby