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    Unhappy Yamaha gp1200 1999 ,, oil hose fell off!! *&^%^%$$##

    Well my gp1200 npv lost an oil hose will jumping waves and died.
    I got back to shore but ,,one piston is toast and others lost 10 lbs in each.
    Shissel! anyway i found that oil hoses were way to short and tight!
    did anybody have this happen to them?
    only 120 hrs on ski.
    so I'm looking for a piston kit==which one???
    sbt looks great but cant find out if there forged?
    what kind of pistons should i use ,,oem yams are usually my choice but with so many on the market i'm ??
    I ride my ski to the max!! jumping all the time!!
    all or any insight and specs would be great for my future purchase.

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    Premix and pro x pistons are what I use in my machine shop.

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    Same thing happened to be, except I bought it seized. I used Pro-X pistons.

    Also, go ahead and get a pre-mix kit. It is worth not going through that again.

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    are pro ex pistons forged???

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    no. The Wisco's are forged though. What are your intentions for this build? I used ProX

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    well I push the ski to the max all the time but it will be close to stock.
    but it is one of my personal ski,s ,,, not one of my rebuilds for clients that want to save money or get ski going for summer acivities.

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    Go pro x.

    I run wiseco but for your application go prox.

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