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    Have you guys came across this POS article?

    A-hole doesn't even know that "sea-doo" falls under the same category as "Jet skis" and "PWC"...

    Hello! most boats are powered by 2 stroke engines correct? At least most boats I've ever seen or even remotely in my league (money wise)...

    Just my 2 cents!

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    That's been one of the largest problems with the "environmentalists" vs PWC community since the beginning..mis-information or the distorted truth of facts.
    As I recall damn near every fishing boat known to mankind was two stroke in 98.
    If I'm not mistaken damn near every boat on our lakes and rivers have a propeller messing with our shore line as well.
    We could go on forever about the errors in the article BUT one FACT remains clear, it's full of WRONG or "twisted" information.

    The good news is the article is from 98 and no segment of the watercraft industry has done more to make our engines cleaner and quieter in such a short period of time as that of the PWC industry.

    We have a tremendous force called the AWA, who are armed with the correct information and can fight the ridiculous alligations and bannings affecting everyone of us that ride a PWC. All they ask is we sign up, donate a couple of bucks and support their actions.

    In short, if the article pisses you off and you know it's full of crap, you best be an AWA member!!!

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    AWA ALERT: Monterey Bay, California. Tell NOAA that only facts and science should influence public boating access, not baseless opinions.

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    I look forward to a ride with your group!!

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