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    Ski sluggish after near sinking

    Hi, A coiple of weeks ago I had my ski (95 VX110)drag the anchor and back into some stumps which caused one of the drain plugs to unscrew and disappear. When I recovered the ski it started fine, but ran really slow, so I pulled the seat off and realized it was full of water!! I pulled it up on a beach and drained it then drove stright to the launch ramp (with out a drain plug) and pulled it out. I drained it totally on the trailer and started it and everything seemed fine.

    This weekend I ran it, and everything seemd OK (started fine, runs and idles smoothly), but it has no guts, and top speed is around 40mph. The L-mode light is NOT on, could it be in L-Mode anyway?

    If not, any ideas on what damage I may have done

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    Sorry, meant to say a 2005, not 95 VX110.

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    Try a new set of sparkplugs first and be sure the air filter is clean also.

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    Could my ski be in L mode if the L mode light is not on?

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    not likely, if light isnt on.
    try looking into any conections that may have water in them

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    Check all electrical connector, check air intake system, check all vacume ports and lines.

    You didnt start it did you with the water in it I would also check the spark plugs ??

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