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    94 gtx opinions needed

    Looking at a 94 gtx650 with trailer for $300/best. The seller put a new battery in it, new seat cover, and top end at the beginning of the season. He didnt disable the oil injection system, and last time out it lost power. He thinks the oil injection system failed. I went and checked it today, and there is 150lbs on the front cylinder, 30 on the rear. When I pulled the plugs to check compression, I got a few shots of water/gas mixture out of the cylinders when I cranked it minus plugs. (I say water because I didnt smell like gas horribly after it sprayed me) So basically even if I got it for $250, it needs a topend and there is no paperwork for trailer or ski. I have an 88 wave runner 500, and its a bit old and slow, and not good at all for more than one person. Looking for a true 2 person machine thats a little more stable/faster and fun. How easy are these to get parts for and work on? Is it worth getting and messing with? Paint and engine compartment are all clean and nice, and it does fire right up and run, just bad with a dead cylinder.
    Heres the pics:

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    hey there!

    250 is a very good deal for a ski and trailer considering that you can turn around and sell the trailer without papers for 300 if in good condition. There is your money spent and still have a jetski that might need to get rebuid. I own a shop that only deal with seadoos and i get these all the time for part outs. When you get one that needs a rebuild its usually more then a top end if you get one cylinder to fail. It is very easy to find parts for these 657 engines and it might cost you some money to get it going and i usually sell these motors used with great compression for around 650 700 complete. Lots of times is the crank bearings that let go or the inner seals and now your looking at a 150 to 200 for a used crank, cylinders+ pistons your looking at around 300 with the top end gasket kit and if your head is bad you might need to spend another 50 there + the labor unless you do it yourself. Sometimes you might just find cheaper prices that people sell used pistons/cyliners, but you really have to make sure you know what you are buying and who you are buying it from. Let em know if you ever need any parts or anything as i have a large seadoo inventory of parts etc. Its a good price for the jetski if you are still deciding to buy it.

    Hope that helped and good luck


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    Thanks for the reply. What I was told when I talked to the guy was he did all new pistons and gaskets when he did the top end. At that time he checked out the bottom end and said it was all solid. My concern is what would cause just one cylinder to go out? Heat, failed oil pump, etc? I've looked into parts and It looks like I can get a quality top end kit (gaskets, pistons, rings etc) for around $200. Best case is I get the combo for 200-250 and can throw a $200 top end in it, convert to pre-mix, and have a good running combo (once I get over the paperwork headache). Worst case the engine is shot, and I part it out and try and get my money back out of the trailer (which may be what this guy is doing). Short of pulling the engine apart before I buy it, is there any tell-tale signs I can look for that may give me some clue as to what happened to the thing? I did notice the plugs were very black when I pulled them.

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    I stopped and looked at it again today. The hull is perfect. I only saw one little nick on it. The gel-coat is still smooth and shiny. It's missing the speedometer, and the cover for the front air intake, but other than that it is solid on the outside. I talked to the lady who's yard it is parked in, and she said hes motivated to sell, and she wants it out of her yard. I need to talk it over with the other half, but it looks like a good deal. The thing is in such good shape on the outside, I'm hoping the engine does just need a freshen up. Any suggestions on some tell-tale signs something major may be wrong with it, short of opening it up?

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    i have the same ski,
    love it.
    good for one person (maybe 2)
    def not 3.
    (and by two i mean each weighing near 100KG's)
    never had problems with mine ( third owner)
    but the body is abit scratched up
    (especially the wings on the side, edges are bent)

    the speedo says 55mph. with 1 person on it, and about 52 with two,
    but in reality its going maybe like 45-47.
    pretty good ski overall.
    cant help you on your problems, as i never took a part out of it

    its a really good deal, here, if its in excellent condition its valued at 1300$
    and about 1150$ for the condition mine is in.

    i did basicly the same things the above mentioned guy did, but im planning on selling it maybe for 700$-900$
    700, being without papers.

    the ski handles well, not amazing, but im guessing for the time. it was maybe the best.
    whats missing on it is a vts (not sure how effective it is on older skis)
    and maybe a reboarding ladder .

    hope you end up getting the ski.

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    Ok if the guy has just put a new top end on it he might have had the oil pump go bad or the carbs went bad. A bad carb can easily cause this to happen as well as an oil pump so if the lower end is good as the guy says then you should only need the top end, but its not just the pistons/rings/gaskets that your going to need as one of the cylinders probably got damaged. You cant really tell how bad its damaged until you take the head off and determine if your going to need a slight hone or bore the cylinders. Make sure you also ask the guy what type of top end he used on this engine and if its already been bored out because if he already went 1mm over your going to need new jugs, but if he only went .25mm then you still have room to bore. Also look at the clear water hoses and the exhaust manifold to determine if this motor has over heated, if it did your going to notice the hoses being burnt/brown and the manifold smoked up which then you might think that the water injection circulation is bad, not allowing the water through the system. Let me just say this, if you buy it your easily going to get your money back parting it out so i hope you do purchase it for that price and make it a good runner.

    Good luck and let me know if i can help some more


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    Well everyone talked me into it. I'm going to take the plunge! We agreed on $250 for the package, and I pick it up tomorrow. Now I hope its just something simple and I can just get away with a top end on it.

    Are there any performance parts available for this thing?

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    Like i said its a really good deal so i would get it before guy changes his mind. Also once you get it feel free to email or message me for more info and parts. I have a large inventory of seadoo parts at a very cheap prices, also you can find me my ebay store. Toystore69 is my user name, but i can even get you a better deal if we do it directly so that ebay does not make anymore money on me as they already are. hahah well wish you luck and keep in touch



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    Well bad news. The guy has been trying to sell it for 2 weeks with it parked in front of his neighbors house (they are on a major roadway). Basically I had an agreement with the owner to buy it, but he never told his neighbor it was sold and the guy sold it to his buddy this morning. So it was a good deal, and due to a lack in communication between the seller and his neighbor, someone beat me to it.

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    Ohhhh wow im sorry to hear that, but his buddy got a really good deal so lets just hope he gets it running or will sell it for more since that was a steal. The trailer alone is worth 300 without papers. Honestly its kinda shitty, but ive been in your shoes before, where someone has promised me something, but then turn around and sold it to somebody else while i was on the way to pick it up. Well wish you luck on finding another one of them deals and if you do keep me posted or any advice i can give you just ask



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