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    94 sl 750 has a gremlin

    Doesnt start in water but starts on trailer out of water. Had it out 2 weeks ago no problem started perfect ran awesome. go and take it out just this last weekend and doesnt start easy in the water but it does on the trailer out of the water. Tried searching on here and really could find anything. Soon as it would start in the water afyer many attempts it will go n die. Then sometimes it will run for like 30 seconds and drive normal then it will just die. Did a compression test 110 all across. Spark is good while cranking. batt is full at 12.6v...any other ideas...ohh and this forum is awesome...many iformative posts that i could read for hours. I also am a new owner of this ski only 2 weeks ago. Still learning about skis im a dirtbike guy so similar kinda engine stuff. I am very mechanical and ohm meter savy...any ideas polaris geniuses. I appreciate any input. Thanks

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    What is the battery voltage while cranking. A battery can read high enough voltage while at rest, but still not have enough juice to crank at the proper voltage. You need a minimum 10.6v while cranking. When there's no load (water) on the engine, it can spin fast enough. When you put it in the water, that extra load paired with a weak battery will be enough to prevent spark.

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    I will def check that next. the gauge never worked when i got it. Replaced the fuse and viola. Works like a charm. I noticed jadt time it was running on the trailer it was running at 13 something volts. Wouldnt the magneto keep up to supply the correct voltge for spark when it running in the water...what really puzzles me is the sporatic dieing after i would be going for 10 secs. Could this be a batt related issue as well. I also read that cranking rpms should be near 1000....on the trailer i think i was around 400 but i will double check tonight. Thanks for the advice bg

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    Check voltage with a multimteter, don't rely on the MFD. I have a pile of MFDs here and when I hook them up to a constant 12v DC power source each one will read different....anywhere from 11v up to 17v off the same power supply.

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    Whats the ideal voltage that i would want while cranking?

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    just measured cranking volts of batt when cranking on the trailer. batt read 11.15v so that rules out the batt i guess. it's above 10.6 but not by that much. The ski has has the fuel lines changed to black and i checked the fuel line inside the tank its still the clear plastic but its still in good shape and no signs of deterioration. I also checked the cranking rpm its peaks at 200-210. the starter looks to be the problem. I have found that it should be anywhere around 600-1000 it sounds perfectly fine cranking over just as it did 2 weeks ago. i just find it quite odd that it would work perfectly fine one weekend and be a pain the next. plugs are getting gas because they are wet; they are brand new 2 weeks ago. I will check the grounds i guess next. It still has the auto cock and the original fuel pump I will plan on removing these soon. picked up a fuel pressure gauge reads about 2-2.5 when cranking and then 4.5 running. I might just go through the carbs make sure its legit.

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    She likes the bike. But the ski gets her wet!!!! xlint89's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by rjbibeau View Post
    It still has the auto cock and the original fuel pump .
    You're quite the gambling man aren't you??????

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    Ive inspected the piston wash with a golden. Just got the ski 2 weeks i said i will cange it out soon

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    I have seen no less than 3 skis in a week with gas tanks that look full but were empty. I assume that you have checked that but maybe not. Next I would look at the fuel pump.
    Check the spark plugs and trim back the wires. Hope that helps.

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    I didnt see any replies when I first posted so I tried to help. I now see that you are much past that.

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