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    Angry @002 gtx fi problem

    I took a 2002 gtx out foir a run yesterday and at first i was getting full throttle but then it started to run about half throttle and would still idle but wouldn't go over 4000 rpm. so i took it home and thought i would pull the raves well now i have two broken allen head bolts that hold the rave valves in place. and one of the raves was really sticky and the other one was covered in a oily slug so i think the one stuck rave was causing my throttle problem. but i don't know why the one had so much slug on i.t does anyone have any ideas what could have caused that. and whats the best way to get those broken bolts out of there still is a enough thread left on them so i can get a pair of vise grips on them.

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    sludge comes from the wrong oil being used, and maybe the oil pump cable is broken and letting the pump go on wide open mode. Or it could just be that the raves never been cleaned, you should clean them regularly

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    thank's for the reply it's not my jet i just put a new rectifier in for the guy because it had a charging problem. and that was what fixed my 2002 rxdi it had the same problem.

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    What kind of oil are you using?

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    it's synthetic what it calls for

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    i also need to know whats the best way to get those broken allen bolts out

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    What brand of synthetic? Is it seadoo? If it is then you are ok but I doubt it since your raves are so sticky. If you have a synthetic oil that has a high ash content it will clog those raves as long as you run it. I run amsoil or the synthetic sea doo. I can only offer you use the vise grips on those bolts. Unless you can drill the heads of the bolts off and then remove them after the raves get removed.

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    i put seadoo synthetic oil in it and the raves are off the motor s

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    i asked the guy that own's it and he said that's all he used was seadoo's synthetic oil

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    sounds more like fuel delivery issue, 99% of the time I get dirty fuel filters.

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