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    slx 780 carb tuning

    Hi there

    Ok so bit by bit getting through the problems...
    Next up is the fact that my ski is idling at 2800 and is very smokey.

    I have not had the ski out on the water properly yet, only reved up on the trailor in the lake and on the hose.

    Can someone post the correct Carb settings for the slx 780 as i can only find the sl/t 750 settings. (are they the same?)

    Also shall i just set all 3 carbs the same, some people say to set each one differently.
    Carb tuning is new to me so a standard setup will do for now i guess



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    She likes the bike. But the ski gets her wet!!!! xlint89's Avatar
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    What year SLX?

    And all 3 carbs WILL have different settings on the highs, but should be the same on the lows.

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    No they are not all set the same.
    What year is it?

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    The ski is 1996

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    Here it is:
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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    Quote Originally Posted by rallyingmick View Post
    Next up is the fact that my ski is idling at 2800 and is very smokey.

    I have not had the ski out on the water properly yet, only reved up on the trailor in the lake and on the hose.
    Loonatik has you set on the carb settings. The 1200-1300 idle speed is in the water. On the trailer, out of the water or on the hose connection you should see about 2800.

    These skis do smoke. However, your ski should have a variable ratio oil pump and should smoke less than older ones. There is a rod that connects the carb linkage to the oil pump. This rod is what makes the pump oil less at idle and then opens progressively until it reaches 40:1 at open throttle conditions. If that rod is missing, the pump has a fail-safe that makes it oil at 40:1 full time.


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    Thanks alot guys.

    Your all a great help.

    One more question, does your throttle linkage have a return spring? as my throttle seems to have a slow/sticky return.


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    The throttle shaft on the carbs should be spring loaded. I am sure you have tried oiling / lubricating the cable.............

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    need to see what motot carb setup polaris put in that ski,need the motor id # from the water 96 slx 780 had different carb specs then whats listed.when i called polaris and gave them the motor id he set me up with the correct specs which i believe were the 95 ones

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    Hi there

    Well took it to the coast yesterday...

    I have a problem low down it would seem.
    Once in the water the ski won't idle and when you put full throttle the ski is really holding back
    Not wanting to go anywhere , then eventually it will clear and bam it goes like stink !

    Would you say this could be an over fueling problem?



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