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    Polaris SL900 ignition problem, 2 of 3 plugs are working! Please advice!

    Hello! I got 1997 Polaris Sl900 with red domestic engine. It was running all summer just fine, now I got some problem. It doesnt go fast and works unstable. I opened the seat, and unplugged plugs one by one. So what I found out is that 2 of plugs are working and third one (that is more close to the nose of jet-ski) is not working. The plugs are brand new and original ones. Half an hour running on them. What I think is that its a plug wire problem. Or may be its a bad ignition coil. What can you suggest? What is the problem, why is one of the spark plugs (one of cylinders) is not working? Shall I replace the ignition coil with spark plugs wires? Or can the wire be replaced itself? Where to get cheapest ignition coil for this model? Please advice, many thanks in advance.

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    Welcome to the Hulk

    John Zigler has alot of polaris parts. Rock County Jet Ski 608-743-1305 9am-5pm central time mon-fri

    Your homework for tonight is to start reviewing. You will find alot of useful info here to help you figure out your problem.

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    You need to check to see if the mag (Front) cylinder is able to run. You can move a known good wire to it and see if it fires. Try running one cylinder at a time with plugs taken out of the other two. Then you can test the wires on different cylinders to verify you dont have a fuel problem.

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