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    02 Polaris freedom

    My parents just bought two 02 Polaris freedoms an one seems to have an overheating issue. You are take it out and run for about 45mins to and hour (as hard as you want) and then it decides to overheat. I was hoping for some suggestions to look at or diagrams before i just tare into it.

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    Welcome to the Hulk. I would flush the engine and remove the thermostat and make sure there isn't sand etc in there. If it will run 45 minutes until it does this something tells me it could be the temp sensor but I could be wrong and you could have a slight blockage. Are the cylinders hot to touch when it does this? The should be warm, but not hot. Check the black screen on the right as your looking inside the jet pump form the rear and make sure is is clear also.

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