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    2002 Polaris Freedom

    I need some advice and 02 Freedom is having trouble starting. Occasionally it will crank but not fire to start, then you can hear the starter running but the flywheel not...removed the starter and flywheel cover, the bendix seems loose inside. I'm not experienced enough to know how this should set in there. To remove the bendix, does the flywheel need to be removed? With a puller I assume? Any help and guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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    To remove the bendix,the flywheel must be removed. When you say not fire,are you saying no spark? If so you have 2 problems.

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    In your case I suggest you take it to a repair shop and get it fixed properly. Some times you just got to pay the repair shop,
    like you said you just are not experienced enough to know how. You can learn by getting a manual/tools and reading this site and the manual. Good luck, wishing you the best.

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