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    hydroturf issues

    Purchased a new set of hydroturf for my 03 gp1300r and am experiencing some fitment issues. The rear holes for the tie downs are off by like half of an inch... I know I could trim the turf for the hole, but my worry is that once I put the plug in, with the cutout being so off, the plug might not cover the gap all the way. Anyway experience anything like this?

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    The turf needs to be stretched a bit to make the holes line up. Mine were off a bit as well, but once stretched and glued, they fit perfectly.

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    I found out the hard way the the rear mat has to be as far down as possible in the rear/bottom to allow the rear rub rail to hold down the mat as well. Fortunately I was able to pull it back off in one piece and reapply it. You'd think they'd give you basic instructions for things like that.

    Originally I just lined up the tie down holes, but found I was way off in alignement.

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