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    Question drill and tapped intake manifold for BOV without removing the manifold

    Has anyone drilled and tapped the intake manifold to a 2011 fzr yamaha to install the vacum line to a blow off valve kit.

    does anyone have pics that show this being don and where to drill and tap without removing the manifold.

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    Manifold must be removed, or else you will suck in the shavings and destroy your motor. I will try to get a pic for you tomorrow of where to drill. Its on the aft side(rear of the ski) of the manifold. Its an easy mod, takes much longer to actually pull the manifold than to drill and tap...

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    You can cut the vacumline to the sensor on the manifold and put a tee in there instead. A 5 minute job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by christian gpr View Post
    You can cut the vacumline to the sensor on the manifold and put a tee in there instead. A 5 minute job.
    I have done this for my BOV and have had no issues BUT I do remember reading somewhere (possibly in riva's install instruction) not to do it. I asked the question why not to do it in a thread but did not get a response.

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    I have done it once.

    Just put heaps of grease on the drill bit so any bits just get stuck in the grease and dont go down in to the engine.

    On a seadoo with the plastic manifold.

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    I would, and did ,buy the vacume block off very easy....the chips that poeple think will destroy your motor from drilling are soft aluminum and in reality would do little harm...just my opinion

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    Hi Guys thanks for everyone's feedback, my 2011 fzr doesnt mate with the rd R&D SHO/FZR Multi-Pressure Port Adapter, my map sensor isnt even mount the way 2010??

    Im going to drill in the spot where they recomend go slow and use grease on the end of the bit to hold al chips and use a very
    pwerfulshop vac.

    once again thanks

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    Good luck!

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    If your drilling the manifold means you have experience or any mechanical knowledge, in your position i would not risk my 4k engine over a 10 min taking the manifold our of the ski. My 2 Cents.

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    Fair notice: You've been warned! Never in a million years would I do that to any motor. Unless my goal was to destroy it.

    Take the 30 minutes to remove the manifold.

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