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    New to Kaw. forum. going to look at 2001 1100 xzi for 100 over price of the SBT motor

    He rebuilt carbs, plated oil pump,dropped in SBT short 5hrs on it , going to look for piston wash. Anything special to look for on this ride.
    Or grab it before he changes his mind.

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    Is the engine warranty 1 year or 2? Is it transferable?

    I'm not keen on SBT engines.

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    He lives about a half mile away so I'm hoping we can work something out if she pops. Still might better than a beat up motor. $ 1300 seems pretty fair

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    The real question is why did the original motor blow ? and did they fix it, or just throw another motor in there to blow up on you ?

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    sounds like a good deal if you have the knowledge and skills to assure proper operation and setup to avoid damaging the motor, compression test and spark test in order.

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