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    2007 GP1300R wont start - no spark and noise from electric box.

    Hi All,

    I have been a member for a couple of years, but never had to really ask for help before.

    I used to live in South Australia where we got a week of summer a year, now I have moved to the sunshine coast in Queensland, I am getting very envious of all the other riders on the waterways.

    The trouble I am having is with my ski just not starting. I haven't used it properly for about 6 months and now it will just not start - I sprayed fogging oil into the cylinders after the last use.

    When I press the start button, the cylinders would try to turn but would lock up instantly. That led me to think that there wasn't much power in the battery. After charging the battery up, it would still do it. Now the cylinders wont even try to turn and now there is a nasty noise and vibration from the electric box where the ignition coils are. I check the spark to the cylinders with a spark checker thing and there was no spark to any cylinder. I opened up the electric box and could not see anything obviously wrong inside there. There was a tiny bit of rust on the mount on top of the coil but that's all. I also couldnt turn the cylinders by turning the prop shaft from underneath, but that has always been difficult to turn, even when it was behaving.

    I am stuck as to where to look next. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Check you battery voltage while you crank it. See how far it drops. You may have charged the battery but it is not holding it under load. Also, there is a starter relay in the electrical box. It is a round looking thing. That is probably what is making your noise. Make sure that works properly also.

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