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    New guy question - 2002 gen1 display stays on

    I've tried searching the forum for an answer to my question; Why does the digital display on my 2002 genesis 1 1200 stay on? I just purchased it used and didn't get an owners manual, it seems to me that with the display on all the time, the battery will go dead too quickly. Shouldn't the display go off when the lanyard is removed?
    Thanks, Kev
    P.S. I've found this forum extremely helpful in troubleshooting my new toys-a 2002 & 2003 gen 1 1200's (found a bad throttle position sensor)

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    Ok, I just now found out it should go into sleep mode after 5 min. I'll reconnect the battery and see what happens after 5 min. If it still stays on, what should I look for?
    Thanks again,Kev

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    Welcome to the Hulk. Yes the display will go out after a few minutes however the clock, fuel level, oil level, and compass rose will stay on, that is normal. It will also display on the bottom the status locked or unlocked.

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