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    KAW 1100 STX DI dealing with drive shaft separation and 275 hours on engine top end

    SInce discovering that that the sealant around the alumium drive shaft is separatating from the fiber glass hull, I will need to pull the engine to allow full access to the SMALL area to remove the rubber sealant and fiber glass and seasl back over.

    With 275 hours on the engine, the back spark plug is fouling really bad. Compression remains good.
    Question should I do a full piston and ring replacement or can I get away with just putting on new rings to stop the fouling. What should I look for in making this call?

    Full top end kit runs about $320 plus getting cylinders bored I guess? Or just replacing rings for about $90 if cylinder is clean.

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    There is almost no way to work through the little hole. I had to cut out a bigger section in order to get to it. The factory glue/sealant is extremely difficult to get off. I had to use a heat gun to get it hot before it would break apart and come off. The bearing mount flange is glued on with the same stuff and when the factory sandwiched all the parts together the glue oozed out and glued the aluminum bell that connects with the hose to the hull fitting. That also required heat and some wedges hammered in behind the bell to get it to come loose. The bell will have to come out or you will be next to impossible to get all the pieces together. There is only about 3/4" gap between the hull fitting and the bell so there is no way the hose will go between the two with both parts in place.

    I used 3m 5200 marine adhesive/sealant to glue it back on. They make a fast cure and a normal cure. I was told the normal cure takes 24-48 hours to cure, however, after getting the tube it says it takes 7 days to fully cure. I glued it back on last night and the sealant is still slightly tacky to the touch and soft. In fact, it still soft enough I dont dare try and put the hose and bell back on it yet.

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    7 days--standard cure. The fast cure does set up in a day, but I'd give it another day or two before really putting it to the test.

    pierstar, I'd replace the pistons, too. If the cylinders aren't scored, just hone them and put it back together. If it were mine, and I were planning to keep it, I wouldn't scrimp on the parts. Get good ones.

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