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    Differance between XL,XLT and XL limited ??

    Can someone fill me in if there is any differance between thse models, I have an 00 XL1200 Limited and I need a few parts and I was trying to figure out what will fit this ski and from what other years and skis parts will fit.


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    XL is 1998 model year only, no powervalves
    XL Limited, 99 & 2000, powervalves
    XLT 2001 to 2005, powervalves

    XL is 65U motor, same as 97, 98, 99 GP1200

    XL limited & XLT use 66V motors, the two have slightly different part #'s on cylinders but I believe they are interchangeable. Everything below the seat should be the same on these two models. Someone else will chime in if I am mistaken.

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    Thanks for the info that gets me a little closer on my parts quest.

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