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    2001 Yamaha 1200 XLT Piston and Cylinder Replacement

    I have just replaced the #2 piston and cylinder on a 2001 yamaha 1200 XLT. The piston was badly burned at the exhaust port of the cylinder.
    I have got the engine back together but it will not start. I have checked compression, all 3 are 105. I've got spark to all cylinders. I have fuel to the carbs and the plugs are wet.
    The engine turns over strong but will not even try to fire. I am out of ideas. Any suggestions?

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    105 seems low for new piston, but at least they're all reading the same.
    What were compression readings before you swapped piston & cylinder? Did you buy it non-running and just start tearing it down without having ridden it?
    My 2001 GPR needs a little help to start after sitting for a few weeks. Pull two spark plugs and squirt an eyedropper full of gas in then try to fire it.
    If that doesn't do it you know you need air, spark & fuel for combustion, so if you have spark & fuel that just leaves air.

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    If you got spark and fuel it should start

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    Are the plugs wet with gas or oil, are the plugs new, is the motor spinning fast enough (hot battery), are you on premix if so what ratio.
    How are you cranking it, are you holding the throttle wide open with the choke on or off wile spinning motor. if not try it for about 10 seconds at a time both ways. also make sure the exhaust isnt restricted (broken catcon).
    Hope this helps let us know any info.

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    You should try the compression with wide open throttle, and it will take a 5-10 seconds for the cylinder to reach full reading on the gauge. The new cylinder should read 120 there about. Leave spark plug in one of the boots and let the tip lay on the head and look for spark. Make sure there is not any gas or flamables near buy or excessive fumes

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    Sorry for the long time with no reply. Before I tore down the #2 cylinder and piston, I had 105 psi on #1 and #3. The engine is turning over plenty fast. I charged the battery to make sure. The plugs seem to be wet with oil. I am not running on premix. I have not taken a compression reading with the throttle full open I will do that this afternoon. I checked for spark at all three cylinders by leaving the plug in the boot and laying it on the block. All three have spark. I will try and start it holding the throttle full open with the choke pulled. I will repost with the results.

    Any chance this could be a timimg issue? I didn't mess with it and the engine was running before I tore it down.

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