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    Water in the SL650 cylinders...why?

    A new poster here:

    Last time running the 93 SL650 was having trouble getting out of the hole...but seemed to run "okay"?

    Three weeks later, couldn't even get a dry start (although engine turned over freely)...after much investigation, the heads were pulled and there was water in the cylinders (mostly in PTO, middle a bit wet, front was dry). Tried to clear but there was A LOT in the crankcase...looks like a bit of work ahead.
    • Head gaskets were not damaged (metal)
    • Didn't roll or swamp
    • Didn't tow
    • Water was not rusty
    In the meantime, I poured about a half gallon of wd-40 into the engine to try and get rid of the water and save the thing from getting frozen. (Garage has a nice smell now)

    Here's the big question...How did THAT much water get in there.

    I'm getting ready to dive in a bit this weekend...any suggestions?


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    I like pipes. I love boost Mr. GP1800's Avatar
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    I would guess a head or exhaust gasket problem

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    She likes the bike. But the ski gets her wet!!!! xlint89's Avatar
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    Did you run it on the garden hose recently?

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