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Thread: Spark problem

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    Spark problem

    When I switch to the new sparks it start immediately and running great, but after some day it would not start, and if i put new sparks again it start immedietly

    So do someone know what the problem is? Because I dont want to change sparks everyday


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    Need more information to help:
    What year, engine size, compression numbers, oil system, etc..

    What plug are you using? When you change plugs and it run good, did it run good on the trailer or on the water?
    Do you premix? What do the plugs look like when you pull them out?

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    It's a yamaha wave raider 1996, but it has a yamaha 650 engine, so probably its wave runner engine.
    It has oil block, so oil mixed with gas.
    Sparks BR8HS, when I change sparks it runs good in water,but after few days it won't start.

    I have no choke on, they have pull it of.
    Something else, the air filter is not tight it's some kind of sport filter open, does it matter maybe?

    Tanx for your time!

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