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    what are these ski's worth?

    I found a guy who has a few skis for sale not running

    2000 sea doo RX 951cc limited edition
    08 gtx limited
    seems reasonable on the price

    just want an opinion

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    I also found another that was flushed and did NOT have it running ... what damage would this cause?

    Im buying one to learn more about them without messing up my new dont beat me up I just want some advice without making a mistake on a purchase

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    It all really depends on price, and what are you trying to accomplish.... and of course what YOU really want. The 08 can be a great deal if you can get it for the right price.

    The only thing I would caution you on is this when it comes to the two stroke stuff....I'd be very carefull what you pick up in Florida, some stuff may sound like a good deal, like ''just needs carb cleaned'' and bla bla, only to tear into the ski and find out everthing is so badly corroded and oxidized that it is essentially useless. Most people have no earthly idea of the damage that can be caused from a poorly maintained ski, especially in Floriduh...

    Another issue IMO, is that nothing is genrally an easy fix when it comes to skis. For instance, I have a two stroke Doo I been putting together for awhile now. It had an ''electrical problem'' when I bought it for a few hundred bucks. Fixed the electrical issue, did a compression test and found out one cylinder was toast. Kept digging into the ski and found the jet pump was a ran without oil and was a split second from seizing. Disassembled the motor and found the cylinders were trashed, the cooling passages were so badly corroded that it was leaking water, crank seals shot on and on and on.

    Realistically, I could have sold the few parts that were ok on e-bay and walked away. But that isn't me....I've got like literally 2 K in that machine now. There was no turning back, painted the hull, switched out the electronics to the older non dess system, had to find a million little bullshit parts on e-bay, machine work, new pistons, rings and cylinders, crank ect ect . I had to bead blast every single piece and re-paint them methodically. I even bought two similar junk skis just for the parts, I prolly have 100+ hours in it.

    Sure I could have found a mint machine for 2 or so K the same year, but hell, Im fkn nutts (so says my wife) when I set my mind to something. The ski will essentially be showroom...

    The one ski your looking at is a bit older technology than what your riding now, sure you'll learn the basics tinkering on the older ones, but the four strokes are bit of a different animal. But the GTX can school you. Also, flushing a non running engine can fill the cylinders with water. If it did injest water and wasn't immediately dealt with, you've got problems...

    Good luck bud...

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    I think im just going to find a running one for a little more money and tinker from there.

    I dont want a huge project something I wont be afraid to take apart

    thanks for your help that helped me greatly

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