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    2001 seadoo rx sweet intake???

    Hey guys i was wondering if u guys knew how to make a kick ass intake where u could hook something up to it to blow air to go just a little faster. I have a 2001 seadoo rx its not a di version. I have seen people do it but it seems to be really tight in there especially right under the exhaust and by the hull.


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    Maybe you could set something up like this to accomplish what you are looking to do? Only issue would be these aren't waterproof.... But if it's a flat water ski you can probably get away with it.

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    are they gonna move enough air to make a noticeable difference?

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    This is what I use. Not only does it pump air into my engine compartment. It also doubles as a thigh master (sorry Suzanne Somers) Now after a long day of riding. I can come home and use my pelvis to crack open my own coconuts to make piña colada's.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Hey treemoney who is that hottie in your avatar?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lilman573 View Post
    all it is , is a bilge blower for a boat..

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    will those actually move some air to do some difference or i was thinking bout those electric superchargers 2 for each carb if i could find some kind of hose to get under the exhaust and between the hull.
    Im at 59.7 right now and im keepin up with 2005 gtx with straight exhaust and hes barely walking away from me. Need a little extra.

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