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    Is there a step by step guide on how to check oil lines (2000 - GP1200R)?

    I have zero experience working on any sort of waverunner. Installing the wave eaters/couplers is all I've ever done. I'd like to keep the oil injection, but I know I need to check the oil lines frequently. Is there a step by step guide (hopefully with pictures) on how to disassemble things and check these? I'm super afraid of messing something up, but I know this is a must do project.

    Is it just easier to use the block off plate and premix? Is there by chance a pictorial guide to that? Seems like it's a real job.

    Either way, I know I've gotta do something.


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    Premix is a lot less worries. you can use a flash light to see the ends of the oil lines were they attach to the carbs but you need to see if you have slack in the lines. if you do not have any slack the lines they can pull off. The best thing is to pull the pipe off to get to the oil lines. if you want to keep the oil injection, clip the ties securing the lines together and remove the plastic covering and re-position the lines so they have slack in them. its always good to trim off the ends were they attach to the carbs and use a good clamp when re-installing them. if they are hard and break when bent in a 1 inch loop replace them.

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