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Thread: 750sx leak

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    750sx leak

    I recently bought a 1994 750sx. Runs great. I put it in the water for the day, after about 3 hours of sitting in the water it was leaning pretty bad to the starboard side(if looking from behind it). I put it on the trailer and opened it up, completely full of water. The previous owner said the engine was rebuilt. What would cause this?

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    mid shaft bearing needs to be replaced i would say

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    just replaced mine on my 92

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    Thanks for the help, I will see if it helps.

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    the bearings or there might be a bad or loose hose

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    Sounds like a similar problem im having

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    You didn't get water in the engine, did you??? If so, you need to get it out NOW! Remove the spark plugs, ground the plug wires, and crank the engine with the starter to blow the water out. Re-install the plugs and take it out on the water and run it for 20 minutes or so to dry it out.

    Even if you didn't get water in the engine, it's probably in the starter and flywheel housing. Could cause problems in the future if you don't dry it out.

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