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    Help, Dead 95 GTX

    Hi, how are you doing. Ok so here is the deal. I took my sea doo out to the lake yesterday, and the ski ran great for most of the day. It ran the best it has sense I owned it. It was a great time. My wife and I took it out for another run (we were trying to kill all the fuel for winter) and out in the middle of the lake it just died. Once it died, it would not restart. We let sit for awhile as we drifted farther out into the lake, tried to restart but it would not restart. After the lifeguards towed us in and I pulled it out of the water. I could not get it to start even with starting fluid.

    Flash to today, I charged the battery and tried to start it. I started but runs really bad. At idle it has a loop. Almost sounds like a car with a big cam in it. As i rev the motor up it sounds like its hitting a rev limiter but it will do that at all ranges of the rpm band.

    I pulled the carbs and checked the little filters. They had some paint chips in them from the hose fittings. I pulled the fuel filter bowl and filter out and that was fine. After I checked that i started it and it was still doing the same thing.

    Next I pulled the head off to make sure there was nothing wrong with the slugs and they are both in good shape. Checked the bucket walls and they are fine. I put the head back on and checked compression and and i am at 130 on each slug. It does look like i might be rich on the fuel do to the whole slug is covered in carbon. and the plugs where good and black, but i don't think that it would run great for half a tank of fuel then just stop dead and not restart.

    I also checked that rotary valve placement to see if it skipped a tooth and it is fine.

    Oh and i don't have grey lines anymore.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Sounds like you need to follow the DIY thread at the top. The filter in the carbs is just the begining. You still have to check the needle and seat. Fuel lines, fuel selector etc. By the way do you have spark at both plugs?

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    Brand new fuel lines put in just Prior to taking it out. When I replaced the grey lines with black I blew out the fuel select valve the fuel bowl and filter up by the tank and the carbs were rebuilt two trips to the lake ago. So about a month ago.

    Yes I have spark on both plugs, and if I pull either plug the motor runs worse or dies, which tells me that both are cylinders are firing.

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    could be a bad coil, your pickup on the stator is bad or the MPEM is going bad would be my next things that i check. sounds like you have mostly eliminated fuel delivery and timing. did you replace the needle and seats when you rebuilt the carbs? that is something that most over look.

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    So I finally got a chance to test the voltage to the battery today. With the ski off it get 12.5v at idle I am getting 12.48 and when i rev the motor up, i get 12.52. I heard that the rectifier can cause all kinds of havoc if its not working. Is a sign of the Rectifier going bad?

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