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    1999 kawasaki stx 900 no spark :(

    been trying to get my jet ski started...have had no luck. i have no spark but ski will turn over. checked all of the connector and replace the whole electrical box. not too sure where to go from here. i was trying to figure out if the pick up on the flywheel is bad. not sure how to test it. any body got any idea what i should do....helppp

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    How are you testing for spark? If you're using a spark plug grounded against the block, make sure you've got a known good plug.

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    Was having some trouble with my DI the other day not starting. Not sure if your crank pickup is similar to the DI, but I just disconnected mine and hooked an ohm meter up to it and cranked engine over. Saw a fluctiation in the ohm readings so figured it was working. Turned out to be the connector for the crank sensor that was not making contact inside. Once I corrected that it fired right up.

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