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    start/stall need help

    i have a 2002 polaris 1200 txi.sometimes it starts and stalls,sometimes just cranks and dont start at all.i have checked all the basics,but have a question regarding fuel pressure....
    i put a gauge on the shradder valve side of the line,and it reads zero psi. i open up the other line(theres 2) and teed into it,it reads 20-30 psi.that confuses me?how come when i screw into the tee it dont read? i seem to be having a fuel concern.i can make it run good with the help of some carb clean while it runs.inj. voltage is 39-46volts while running.
    also what is charging having a hard time getting a good reading.sometimes it says 18volts? sometimes its 14 volts.standing battery voltage is 12.5 or so.
    any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Welcome to the Hulk! In regard to the fuel pressure the side that you "teed" into is the feed side from the fuel pump but since you got pressure there and nothing on the other side i would think your valve is no good. The schrader valve is on the return side where it dumps the unused fuel back into the tank. Try starting it and then take a small screwdriver and press in on the valve and see if you get fuel that squirts out. The fuel flows from the feed side, through the injectors, then through the fuel pressure regulator that hangs from the fuel pump inside the tank. I would seem to think that if you got pressure on the feed side then you should have pressure on the return side unless you got the old grey tempo fuel lines on there and its gummed up somewhere along the way and restricting the flow to the return line.

    As for the charging voltage, 18 volts would be too high. How did you check this? What does it show on the MFD when its running? Your injector voltage is good to go.

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