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Thread: Stator values

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    Stator values

    I Have recently rebuilt a SL900 but when I got it on the water it would not do over 3400 rpm. I beleve the problem is the rear spark plug is not fireing.
    I tested the coil and stator I came up with the following values:
    Primary coil windings:
    PTO Black/Green to Black/White --18 ohms
    CEN Black/Blue to Black/White --.5 ohms
    MAG Yellow/Brown to Black/White --.5 ohms

    Stator triger:
    red 7.7 ohms
    blue 7.7 ohms
    green 1.8 ohms

    Now I am fairly sure the coil is bad, but is it possible the stator may be a bad wire, or magnet?
    I don't have a problem changing the stator with the update kit, but I need coils and I haven't been able to find a replacement. Is there any other coils that will work that are still being produced? Or, does anyone know where I can get a coil (new or used)?
    The upgrade kit is too expensive if I can't get a coil.

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    Limiting RPMS is a sign of a bad stator. I would do the update and see if it works. Then if you need a coil I am sure there are plenty of guys around here that would have one.

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