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    Cylinder #1 runs hot

    Ski starts great and runs great. A hole burned thru cylinder #1 so I replaced the piston. If you put your thumb on cylinder #1 it is hot, the other two are just warm. So I guess I am getting air and running too lean. Carb #1 looks fine and clean. Any other suggestions. I'm not a mechanic but I know a few things. Also, I am now pre-mixing the gas and oil.

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    I should add it is a year 2000 Kawaski ZXI 1100 with what I believe are stock CV carburetors.

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    carb #1 could be running to lean!! i would clean and rebuild them.

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    u can also check the oil lines going to the cylinder..

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    rebuild all three carbs. pay attention to the fuel filter screen in the kehin carbs, open up the pilot and main jets make sure there is no obstructions and clean real good. a clogged main jet will allow it to run real hot and detonate a piston. a leaky intake manifold could also be the culprit. install new gaskets too. check your pto seal aswell.

    if engine has been rebuilt check your exhaust and make sure there is no obstructions in the manifold.

    PM me if you need anything. you probably have the CDK carbs i get my rebuilds from sbt or WMC

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    Definitely should look into the carbs as suggested. You should be able to get a rebuild kit on ebay for around $30 to $40 per carb.

    Have you had a lot of time on it since you put the new piston in? Has the compression in that cylinder dropped at all?

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    I will get the carb kits. Thank you.
    It has had about 1/2 hour to 45 minutes of use since rebuild. Some scaring already in the 1st cylinder. Compression did drop in cylinder 1 from 125 to about 108. The other two remain at 125. Prior owner says the carbs were rebuilt in June of this year. I also checked the read values under the carbs and to my untrained eye they look fine. They look new.

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    108 is quite low, I would take jug out rehone cylinder and install new rings. So you get the best performance out of your ski

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    looks can be decieving. If i painted a YUGO polished and buffed and told you everthing was golden. most people would believe you. I am always skeptical when buying snowmobiles and jet skis.

    When buying used PWC's a polished and buff ski is okay but look deeper. I always check compression, pump clearances, fuel supply, PTO seals, listen to it run in the guys garage with water running to the pwc. If the guy gets nervous walk away, but when buying used pwc's you have to know what your buying is the sure thing

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    If compression dropped that quickly, you definitely are running lean or something similar. Is the plugs electrode white? Hopefully it just needs a carb rebuild and not major rejetting. If someone changed the jetting on that carb, you can probably just look to see what jets are in the other carbs and go with that for a baseline.

    You can check the reads visually. Just make sure there is tension and that the flaps are closed. If they are gummed up, try using some carb cleaner to clean up the goup.

    I usually just pull the flaps up individually with my finger nail by just enough so the mating surfaces are barely not touching (just enough to slip a piece of paper under the front and no more) then let go and listen for a little snap as they close with good tension. If they don't close easily on their own or aren't closed all the way in the first place, they need to be replaced.

    The other thing I sometimes do is spray carb cleaner through each flap and make sure it opens as the carb cleaner hits it. Then I inspect it to make sure it closed and seated all the way.

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