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    Talking VX Cruiser Stand

    Hey everyone! I am new to the forum and also the PWC world. I love forums because they are the best place to get help from great communities and share stories, etc. I just recently traded in my street bike for a 2011 Vx Cruiser. I have a 1 year old daughter so I wanted to get something we can all eventually ride on and the bike wasn't getting much use.

    Anyway, I am getting ready to winterize the ski and I don't have a lot of money for a stand for it which I need in order to get in the area i am going to store it. The trailer and ski just won't fit. I have seen TONs of posts of stands people have made from 2x4 and such but they all seem to be for much lighter ski's and I am worried about building one and having the ski on the ground mid winter. Does anyone have any suggestions on a sturdy stand that i could build with plans that would be good for the VX cruiser? Any help is greatly appreciated!!

    i did see Twinturbostangs stand and thought about building it. Do you think it would hold up to the weight of the VX Cruiser?

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    I built a dolly a month or so ago.
    I bent the parts a couple of years ago but just never got around to it
    I have ball bearing wheels that all swivel and it makes it a dream to work on ski.
    I made this high enough to slide it on and off trailer with one person.
    note that its painted Yamaha grey

    Ive had some 600# ones on it so I know its sturdy enough
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    That stand is nice. Very simple and does the job. I don't have access to a bender or i would for sure go with tube. I plan on the ski being on it for 6 months or so and just dread the idea of the stand not holding up.

    After thinking about this for the past hour, I think I am going to build the 2x4 stand from twinturbostang and see how it goes. If I add some reinforcement and modify it a little for the vx, I think I can feel confident about it. Still open to ideas


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    I havent seen the 2x4 one youre talking about
    but when I was planning a temp one I was going to use 2x4
    and build into an X at each end.Use a 1/2 inch carriage bolt
    to join the X and a chain at bottom to limit the travel when weigh is on it.
    Key is to have a ratchet strap hold the top from spreading too far when weight is on it.
    This will need to be snugged up after the ski is put on it.

    I can whip out some more like mine that fully disassemble for shipping and storage but they wont be as cheap as the 2x4 method

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    Here's mine out of treated 4x4s and 2x4s for the bunks. It will hold a tank, simple design.

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    Here is it so far. It does seem pretty sturdy. It is slightly higher than my trailer bunks by about and inch or 2 because I went with different casters than what I measured with. Im hoping the height difference won't be that big of an issue getting it on the stand.

    I just got the casters on and still need to get the carpet on. Won't beable to test it today though. Got other plans to go to now

    That one with 4x4 is nice but it seems low to get on and off trailer. Do you have a lift you use?
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    It may look low, but is actually very close to same height as the trailer bunks. My wife and I can slide my FX HO on and off by ourselves, but I also have a hoist, so I can do it by myself if needed. Don't make yours too high if you plan to slide the ski off, unless you have 4 strong guys to help you. You may find you need to back the stand up to a wall to keep it from trying to move when you pull the ski off the trailer.

    Also if its too high, it makes it very difficult to work inside the ski while on the stand...............I know, because this is the second stand I've built.

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    Custom PWC Stands this is all you need.....

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    Inspired by Ernest T's pics here's some pics of my cart:

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