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    WTB: 951 Go Fast Parts

    Getting stuff together for my winter project. Checking price & availablity on the following:

    - Coffman's GSX pipe
    - Miller Case Cooler
    - Rinaldi Reeds setup
    - Novi 48's or Buckshot 50's (spiggot mounts & external fuel pumps if you got'm)
    - Lightweight flywheel
    - Maybe a 1050 setup? (I have one of my old miller heads laying around still, just need pistons & maybe a stroker crank if the price is right?)

    Let me know what you have & how much you want for it. PM me or you can email me at [email protected]

    Thanks, Ryan

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    Unless you are racing, you don't need the case cooler. It is nice in a fresh water application, but my god, what it does to cases in the salt. At the rpm you will probably be turning (anything over 7250) the cranks don't last anyway. I run twin pipes and never had the case cooler, or electric fuel pumps. I get about 15-20 hours out of a crank at 7500-7800 depending on drag or short track setup. The races in the bearings get tired after that. I am running a miller offshore wide valve cylinder with 195 psi and 48's as well. Some of the safety mods like the case cooler are Overkill in my opinion.

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