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    intercooler info

    well guys just thaught i would share some testing info

    i initially had the stock intercooler with the r&d core inset and the r&d cooling lines added. temps over here in the uk very rarelly get warmer than your local supermarket freezer so i asumed the stock cooler would be fine.

    ive just purchased a ready made type 19 from a forum member, i threw it in the ski while i installed my new clutch.
    i went out and tested and i must say if you have been doubting buying an uprated cooler, dont, you will be amazed at the difference, i picked up over 300rpm just from the cooler setup and midrange power is deliverable in a clean consistant way.
    rpms are now 8400 (pet)
    im sure obviously in the us or warmer climates an after market cooler would be one of your first mods right?
    i will put some pics up soon

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    thanks my riva is on the way cant wait to install it , my ski is under 2009 fzs and R&D

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    Amen to that. They make a HUGE difference!! Even on stock boost.

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