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    Bought a used trailer...several questions.

    So I traded a used two place for my single. What all should I check on it before trailering with it? The bunks are sagging, wiring needs to be replaced, needs new tires and I'm sure bearings.

    Anything else to check?

    When I replace the bunks how long should they be? The previous owner had a single small unit on it and I'm gonna have a GP1200R and a XLT1200 on it. Do I match it to the waverunner or just replace it with what they had?

    It's a bolt together galvanized Karavan, probably 20 years old. Can or should I weld it together?

    Right now the way the winch post is too far back, leaving about two feet of the machine hanging off the back. The trailer almost balances on the wheels. It was bouncing around the ball on the way home. When it's level I could easily tip it back wards. How far forward should I move the winch forward? Should the back of the waverunner line up with the rear of the trailer?


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    Replace bunks..treated 2x4 or 2x6 for overkill...
    New tires
    Check bearings
    Check winch, winch safety, or extra chain
    New winch strap if current looks bad
    Wiring & plug
    Safety chains to vehicle

    Bunks for a gp1200 should be about 6 ft I believe ..

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    If it don`t have Bearing Buddys, that would be a good thing to put on.

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    i was gonna say the same thing...BB'S FOR THE WIN... and peace of mind. make sure they are the BB BRAND and not that brand that looks like them... few dollars more- but worth it.

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