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    waveraider 1100 rides very low in the water

    We recently took possession of a 95' waveraider 1100. It is showing 98 hours on it and appears in mint condition, stored indoors etc. Threw it in the river for a test ride and at first I was a little scared it was sinking. It feels like it sits way too low in the water. The "tail board" area of the boat was an inch or two below the surface and the footwells were filled with water when I got on. I weigh about 180 pounds. So I quickly put it back on the trailer thinking I forgot a drain plug. All the plugs were OK. Lifted the hood and saw on a trace of water in the bilge. Back in the water it went, same thing. Took it for a spin and it ran great. Hopped up on plane and seemed to ride normally at speed. Hit an indicated 60mph or so and it has great acceleration. But once I slowed down, it seems like it is sitting way too low again! I also notice the "nose" of the ski was barely above the surface of the water and pushed under slightly with the smallest wave when at low speed. The bilge outlet appeared to be flowing water normally. Is this just the way this thing rides or do I have a problem?

    Thanks in advance!

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    normal for these skis

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