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    Need a throttle position sensor for 2002 genesis1

    Hi all, I need to get a tps for a 2002 genesis 1, the only ones I've been able to find (so-far)online cost almost 200 bux! I was thinking since its a Honeywell part, I should be able to find one somewhere other than an "authorized" source. Somebody else besides polaris must use these things??? If anyone has a good used one there willing to part with, or know of an alternate source please let me know.
    P.S. I know I should be posting this in the parts f/s /swap section, but you need a minimum # of posts for that right?
    Thanks, Kev

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    It's a polaris only part. They are available online for under $100.

    Try I got my last one from grapevine kawasaki (google it), but any polaris parts dealer can get it.

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    try he had some

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    The Polaris DI engines were just technology licensed from OMC (later Bombardier) for the FICHT Outboards. I did some looking a while back and it seems nearly every year of FICHT and ETEC engine uses the same FICHT TPS non-pigtail style. If your ski is a non-pigtail style, it's quite possible this same TPS would work for you.


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    On the 02 Genesis I its the pigtail type, I just replaced mine about a month ago with a new one I got on ebay new for $37.

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    hey jack, I've been looking on ebay, hwo'd you get it from?

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    Its been a while I would have to go back and look but he only had one available. I would just get one online like bgaidan said. I think they are like $75 new.

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