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    seadoo gtx rfi 2001 MPEM corrosion fault code

    Hi, i have just bought a mint condition Seadoo GTX RFI 2001 that has sat unused since the end of 2009. I have put in a new battery, steering cable and had a new key programmed at the seadoo dealer.

    The dealer reported a fault code present. "corrosion or fault EPROM". He said he hasnt seen this fault code before. We started it at the dealers, started first time with no apparent issues although it is not easy to tell out of the water. Ski has done 47 hours from new.

    havent water tested yet but am concerned about the fault code. The dealer has recommended i check and clean the MPEM connections, i have inspected them and they are spotless and shiny. Also opened up the MPEM box to reveal a spotless Bosch electronic module, no sign of corrosion or water ingress.

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    corrision problem

    I have seen this two times since i have been working on seadoos. once when a PWC came back from Galveston TX riding in the Gulf he had the seat on with sea water in the bilge area for 3 months What a mess.

    second was a ski that had been sitting for 5 years, all i did to this one is apply die electric grease to all contacts and went out and rode it hard. also i took out flywheel sensors and cleaned them off and it worked fine.

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    thanks for the info snoproken, did the ski ride normally during the hard test ride?. should i apply the dielectric grease to the MPEM end and all the connectors in the engine bay as well?

    I now have the exact fault code;


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    P.S can you tell me what a flywheel sensor is, there is no mention in the manual of this? Is it a crankshaft position sensor?

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    oh yes it is the one and same!

    this fault code is a power supply problem to the Mpem. Check your battery terminals clean them real good, check all current going to the mpem from the battery.

    hope this helps

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    Can the crank position sensor just be unbolted, do i need to drain the oil?

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    there is no oil to drain on a rfi. yes the sensor can be unbolted

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    thanks i have cleaned and checked the CPS this is ok. I have also checked all the pins on the MPEM and tightened any that could be loose. Generally the MPEM plugs and pins look like new.

    Checked and cleaned RAVE valves, they dont appear to have been removed since new, these had sludgy black oil in them inside the bellow. Is this normal?

    Still got the MAINT and constant red light when i start it. Seems to run nicely though, but difficult to tell on the flush.

    Will try to water test it on Sunday hopefully.

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    a breakthrough (i think!). I have noticed the 20amp charging fuse is blown in the rear electrical box. i replaced it and tried to reconnect the battery but it started sparking on the battery terminal, so it looks like it will blow again.

    Any ideas? do i need a new regulator/rectifier?

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