Hi, i have just bought a mint condition Seadoo GTX RFI 2001 that has sat unused since the end of 2009. I have put in a new battery, steering cable and had a new key programmed at the seadoo dealer.

The dealer reported a fault code present. corrosion or fault EPROM. He said he hasnt seen this fault code before. We started it at the dealers, started first time with no apparent issues. Ski has done 47 hours from new.

havent water tested yet but am concerned about the fault code. The dealer has recommended i check and clean the MPEM connections, i have inspected them and they are spotless and shinny. Also opened up the MPEM box to reveal a spotless Bosch electronic module, no sign of corrosion or water ingress.

Any ideas? is this is a common fault? shall i ignore it!