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    Thumbs up Let's pray for ray (gpr15frxt)

    Hello every one my good friend and forum member ray from my home town puerto Rico,had a major bike accident yesterday on a race,doctors only gave 50/50 on surgery for ray to walk again,I just felt the I need to communicate the members of this amazing watercraft community to pray for the positive news and recovery of owr fellow greenhulk member, my neigthbor and good friend of mine Raymond!!!thank you all turbo tech p.r. (Malvin)

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    Every adventure comes to an end........ Not Today! wreckingball's Avatar
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    +1 for you Ray. Praying that the doctors have steady hands.

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    +1 Godspeed Ray, the PWC community is behind you.

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    Get well soon Ray i'm praying for you

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    hope he gets well soon

    keep us updated!

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    God speed & God-bless

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