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    does pump need to come off for rideplate removal?

    2007 rxp.

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    No but it will be worth the time to remove t pump to press plate off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by coolshirt View Post
    2007 rxp.
    It takes less than 10 mins to remove the pump. You will be glad you did. You need to have it off to give you some leverage to push the ride plate off. Good luck!!!

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    Doesn't need too I guess, although I use a small bottle jack and 2 pieces of wood between the ride plate and hull to seperate the two. Gotta have the pump off for that. If you use that method be careful of the coolant fitting, they just fit through the cutouts in the hull.

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    Get the pump off,it will help you to pull the plate in minutes.Dont forget to unbolt the coolant fittings from the inside of the ski!

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