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    No response from throttle

    It's been a while since I've been on here. My wife and I are expecting our first child September 23rd so the best way to save extra money was to not ride as much. The last two weeks I was able to sneak out a few times. Today I installed a new map from desperado that just had some tweaks to my launch control. I also installed an 81mm ring on my seadoo pump. I was only going out to test the map out. Ski was moving good....83 mph. Then I was going to test the launch control tweaks. I gunned it from a standstill and it revved for about a second and then all power was gone. The ski would only go idle speed. I would squeeze the throttle and it wouldn't rev at all. I didn't want to shut the ski off for fear that it wouldn't restart. It was starting to get dark and there were no other boats on the water and i was 2 miles from the boat launch. Everything sounded normal at idle speed but idle speed seemed up to about 2300-2400 which if I remember correctly is a little high. It started pouring rain shortly after that. No hoses were disconnected. Just the normal tiny bit of water in hull. I didn't see any damage elsewhere. Any clue what it could be? I don't even know where to look.I just think its odd that squeezing the throttle did absolutely nothing. The change that Martin made was to reduce power slightly on takeoff to try to get rid of cavitation. The ski was fine for the ten minutes before that but I didn't try a full throttle takeoff from a standstill. Any ideas?

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    Sounds like there is some sort of communication glitch with the throttle by wire or potentially the TPS in the throttle body. Check for error codes by holding the hour/volt meter for 8 seconds.

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    I had the same problem 6 months ago. It was the APU unit (the throttle potensiometer). When the ECU detects an error in this unit, goes to safe mode. It runs at lo rpms with no trottle responce to let you return back to shore. I have a ViPec ECU but I think Motec have the same security function.

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    Evan, check the 4 bolts and lock washers that hold the black cover onto the thottle body. they come loose sometimes causing your exact problem, replace with loctite.

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