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    94 raider question? no top end

    I have 2 of these with the same problem. took them out two weeks ago both ran great. this weekend one after the other they started bogging down. every once n a while it will hit the "power band" and shoot up on plane just to fall back down again. they start right up and will idle just acts like they are starving for fuel

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    Question ?

    Hey there...

    My first thought on reading this post is..

    You are seizing the shit out of these skis..??

    Is It in any way possible these skis are premix and you aren't running the required amount of 2 stroke oil in with the fuel.?


    Are the oil tanks empty.?

    If these questions check out then..

    I would be looking further into the fueling..??
    Whether it be bad gas from a gas station.? Water in the fuel.? clogged fuel filters.

    Something is wrong for sure..??

    I really do hope it's not my first thought though..

    Might be a good idea to try a couple of compression tests while you have the seats off them..!!!


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    they are premix converted i mix 40:1 and have even done 50:1 the compression was the first thing I checked 1 of them is 155 and 160 the other a little weaker 135 and 137 dont know much about the carbs and the filters i see the little clear plastic one and they have no debris in them and blow thru easy with my mouth. no back fires and if you back off to half throttle it goes a little faster and every now and then they will catch for a few minutes and take off but after that back to bogging

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    is there a carb chemical I can put in the gas to clean them out?

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    i've had good luck with sea foam additive

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    what do your plugs look like?

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    checked them too they look good acording to the pictures on line for 2 stroke engines. says clean burn

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    Bit of a mystery this one then..??

    Seems to be pointing to bad gas then..??
    Did you get your gas from your regular outlet.?

    Think it might be wise to drain at least one of the tanks to get an idea of whats going on..?
    I have a feeling you might find a decent amount of water in the fuel..??

    Either that OR if you're running fuel with a high ethanol count, you might find your fuel lines are dissolving from the inside out..??
    If this is the case then the carbs will be fairly well choked up with crap..??
    So getting full fuel flow going will be problematic.!! (NO amount of cleaner will resolve this..!!)

    The only other suggestion i can think of off hand is the tanks aren't holding pressure.
    Though it would seem unlikely both tanks blow a cap seal or check valve simultaneously..


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