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    Facory covers leak

    Hi - noticed that the factory covers let the rain in. Footwells always full. I back onto a slight grade so no way to tip up to drain.

    Any tips to keep the rain out?


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    I keep a 4x6 tarp over the cover when not in use. Or buy a jet tribe cover. Sometimes I just pick trailer up and empty footwells if i don't tarp

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    Is the rain coming in through an opening, or getting absorbed through the cover? Ive been wanting to try out some Coleman waterproof spray on mine.

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    its actually not bad that it does that the cover is supposed to breathe some. same way with car covers. however in the winter i put a tarp over the factory cover.

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    Rain is being absorbed thru the cover. Can't lift the dual trailer. Only concern is the summer. We have the skis parked at our trailer and there is a no tarp bi-law for the community. Maybe I can get tarp under the cover ?

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    If money is an issue try to spray cover with 303 waterproofing. If still leaks cut a tarp to size and put under cover

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