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    power valve removal question

    im trying to take my power valves or whats left of them out of my 2001 yamaha gp 800. i have the exhast manifold off the valve covers off the allen screws out the clips and everything. only problem is when i pull the rear shaft where the cables connect to the plastic end of the shaft. it hits the part of the exhaust near the sensor. its not hitting the sensor iths hitting the part of the exhaust right before it.. can that plastic part come off the shaft? am i missing something here.

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    also i have the service manual and it says nothing about taking the rear section of exhaust off

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    The cable wheel does not come off the shaft. if you take the 4 bolts that mount the pipe on the head off and the 2 bolts between the cylinder and pipe out and the long bolt on the rear of the pipe you should be able to move the pipe to the side without pulling it off.
    But i dont think you can get a power valve out or in on the 800r with the front pipe on.

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