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    Strange problem with my X2

    Hi everyone,
    I took my 87 X2 out today for probably the last time this season, The ski ran great. I had so much fun. The only thing is that it died twice on me while I was running full speed. I could feel it start to bog down. I backed off on the the throttle but it lost power and died. Then it took about 5 min before it would start up. Once it started up i took it back to shore, and let the ski sit for about 15 min. Took it back out and ran great. I ran the ski off and on for 3 hours. I noticed that the two times it died out on me were extended runs.

    Anyone have any clue what that could be, or what to check.

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    sounds like you stuck a piston,pull head and take a peek at cylinders

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    What do you mean by stuck a piston? If you mean that I might have seized the motor or damaged a piston in anyway. I dont think that is the case because after a few minutes it will start up and run great again. As is, after it started back up, it ran great and and I did a few top speed runs. I just randomly stops running now and then, but will start back up and run fine again.

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    Well, don't pull the head, but at least do a compression test.

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    compression test resulted in 130 in each hole.

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    sounds kinda like a 4/5 lean seize you are running at or near wot it stumbles a tad so ya let off the trottle and it just dies? turning 6550-7500 rpms a bit lean and then chopping the throttle can cause an acute VERY lean condtion. a little peak down the plug hole at the wash may shed on to your problem,

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