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    Anyone else having issues on this site

    When i go on a thread and post on it or just go off the thread it doesn't show ive been on it or show the green posted symbol when i post on it. it only changes if i go off the hulk and log back in.
    Is this just my computer or just this site. Whats Up.

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    Sometimes it will kick me out and I will have to sign back in for no reason. But it has been working better with the new server. It might have something to do with your security on your computer. I think there a time limit on log in and it kicks you out automatically.

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    It is different from the old site. The page does not reload when you hit the back button or whatever method you choose to use. That is the only issue I am seeing with the new updates versus the old stuff on the old server. Maybe it is my browser. Dunno. No issues listed above I am experiencing. Sorry you are having an issue.... Maybe PM or email MikeTrin. He is the site whiz...

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    Yeah, its different for me too. The last 2 days the "watercraft" page is different. It doesn't show the different brands "grouped" anymore. Its just a long, long list of
    sub-categories for the different skis, and subjects....????

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